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Photo Bhemlat Falls

Waterfall Facts: Bhemlat Falls, Bundi, Rajasthan, India

Bhemlat Falls is a waterfall located in Maharashtra, India, within the Sahyadri mountain range. The falls are fed by the Bhemlat River and...

Photo Scenic view

Waterfall Facts: Allen Brook Falls, Nova Scotia, Canada

Allen Brook Falls is a waterfall located in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is situated within Cape Breton Highlands National Park and is a...

Photo Turquoise waters

Gulf of Gökova Facts: The Aegean’s Turquoise Beauty

The Gulf of Gökova is a coastal inlet of the Aegean Sea located in southwestern Turkey, bordered by the provinces of Muğla and...

Photo Allains River Falls

Waterfall Facts: Allains River Falls, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Allains River Falls is a waterfall located in Nova Scotia, Canada. It has a vertical drop of approximately 30 feet (9.1 meters)....

Photo Remote beauty

Waihau Bay Facts: New Zealand’s Remote Coastal Gem

Waihau Bay is a small coastal settlement situated on the eastern coast of New Zealand’s North Island. It is part of the Bay...

Photo Bheema Falls

Waterfall Facts: Bheema Falls, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India

Bheema Falls is a natural waterfall located in the Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka, India. The falls are named after Bheema, a character from...

Photo Majestic beauty

Waterfall Facts: Alexander Falls, British Columbia, Canada

Alexander Falls is a waterfall located in the Callaghan Valley near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. It has a height of 43 meters (141...

Photo Aegean Sunset

Gulf of İzmir Facts: The Pearl of the Aegean’s Turkish Coast

The Gulf of İzmir, situated on Turkey’s western coast, is a significant body of water measuring approximately 50 kilometers in length and 20...

Photo Alewa Falls

Waterfall Facts: Alewa Falls, Alwas, Rajasthan, India

Alewa Falls is a waterfall located in Alwar, Rajasthan, India. The waterfall has a height of approximately 25 feet (7.6 meters) and is...

Photo City skyline

Tokyo Bay Facts: Japan’s Metropolitan Waterfront Unveiled

Tokyo Bay is a significant body of water situated in the southern Kanto region of Japan. It is flanked by the Boso Peninsula...