Photo Antarctic polynyas

Polynyas in McMurdo Sound Facts: The Open Water Mysteries

Polynyas are areas of open water surrounded by sea ice, and they play a significant role in the polar regions, including McMurdo Sound....

Photo Antarctic landscape

McMurdo Sound Facts: Antarctica’s Research Hub

McMurdo Sound is a large body of water located along the coast of Antarctica. It is one of the most important areas for...

Photo Glacier Bay

Prince William Sound Facts: Alaska’s Pristine Wilderness

Prince William Sound is a stunning and ecologically diverse region located in the Gulf of Alaska. It is known for its breathtaking landscapes,...

Photo Ocean view

Reloncaví Sound Facts: The Deep Waters of Chilean Beauty

The Reloncaví Sound is a stunning natural wonder located in the Los Lagos Region of Chile. It is a fjord-like body of water...

Photo Iceberg landscape

Norton Sound Facts: Alaska’s Icy Sound of Solitude

Norton Sound is a significant body of water located on the western coast of Alaska. It is bordered by the Seward Peninsula to...

Photo Lagoon landscape

Pamlico Sound Facts: The East Coast’s Largest Lagoon

Pamlico Sound is a large body of water located on the East Coast of the United States. It is the largest lagoon along...

Photo Sound scenery

Albemarle Sound Facts: North Carolina’s Tranquil Waters

Albemarle Sound is a hidden gem in North Carolina, known for its serene beauty and diverse wildlife. Located in the northeastern part of...

Photo Island landscape

Shelter Island Sound Facts: Between Bays and Islands

Shelter Island Sound is a picturesque waterway located on the eastern end of Long Island, New York. It is a body of water...

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Long Island Sound Facts: New York’s Watershed Moment

Long Island Sound is a tidal estuary located between the states of New York and Connecticut. It stretches over 110 miles from the...

Photo Sounds coastline

Fishers Island Sound Facts: The Sound’s Eastern Reach

Fishers Island Sound is a body of water located between the southern coast of Connecticut and the northern coast of Long Island, New...